Elevating Potential through Applied Behavior Analysis

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“The quality of human life, perhaps even the survival of life as we know it, depends on finding ways to make everyone’s environment more nurturing–less coercive and more caring, supportive of human development, and focused on doing what works.”


Anthony Biglan, author The Nurture Effect: How the Science of Human Behavior can Improve Our Lives & Our World



Our Mission

Rocky Mountain Applied Behavior Analysts believes that all people have potential. All people have purpose. All people are capable of reaching their hopes and dreams. Rocky Mountain Applied Behavior Analysts is here to support children and adults, regardless of diagnosis, achieve their potential and reach their goals.

To get started...

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Individualized ABA Therapy Program

Applied behavior analysis, or ABA as we often call it, is the science of behavior. Sounds a little scary, a little clinical. Here at Rocky Mountain ABA, we  like to boil it down to finding out why we do what we do. Once we know why we do something, we can find better ways of getting our wants and needs met.
We provide Focused and Comprehensive ABA therapy for children, teens and adults.

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Parent Education & Training

You can expect to be supported. What are your goals? What are your values? Let's find a way to reach what's most important to you together. 

You can expect to be challenged. This is the hard one, we know. Just as our clients learn, those around them are learning too! That's great! We recognize that learning is sometimes hard and it's sometimes frustrating. We are here to teach and support you too.


Community Consultation

We don't behave in a bubble, we behave as part of a whole world of people. Sometimes client's don't need direct therapy, their support system may just need a bit of outside education and support. That's where we come in. We are always looking for opportunities to give our community more tools to support their loved ones more effectively.

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Center for Social Dynamics!

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